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actor constellation

If an actor were dealing exclusively with a natural or otherwise given environment, then a complete description of that actor’s perceptions, preferences and capabilities would allow us to infer the course of action that likely to be chosen – and a complete description of the environment and its casual laws would allow us to predict the outcome (Fritz W. Scharpf).

Actor constellation is a role play, which is used in order to figure out, how relevant and useful one can be in a research or project. In this play, there is a central research question and the participants are supposed to be close or away to this question in order to show, how relevant it is for them.

It is a useful method or role play especially in the beginning of a research project in order to build the research team. Through this, the research leader can know, who would make more contribution to the work. If there is a big distance between the participation and the question, it means this person is not into the field and can be possibly not keen to work on this topic. In other words he or she would not contribute enough.

The method ‘actor constellation’ can be applied in any field. Therefore, it is difficult to say about the ideal profile of the part-taker. As it is stated above, the part-taker must have experience or interest into the topic. It is important that there must be a research with a question which must be answered and additionally a group of people. The result of actor constellation fits perfectly to collaborative settings. The more the group members are into the research topic, the more they contribute.

As an artist, I make projects and build the team from the people, who would be interested in the concept and research question. That means there is already the idea of actor constellation in this process.

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