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forensic architecture

collective as an example of transdisciplinary work – brackground of members from various fields – output on different levels but always discovering human rights violations with artistic strategies:

(following text copied from homepage:)

Forensic Architecture (FA) is a research agency, based at Goldsmiths, University of London. We undertake advanced spatial and media investigations into cases of human rights violations, with and on behalf of communities affected by political violence, human rights organisations, international prosecutors, environmental justice groups, and media organisations.

‘Forensic architecture’ is the name of an emergent academic field we have developed at Goldsmiths. It refers to the production and presentation of architectural evidence—relating to buildings, urban environments—within legal and political processes.

We investigate state and corporate violence, human rights violations and environmental destruction all over the world. Our work often involves open-source investigation, the construction of digital and physical models, 3D animations, virtual reality environments and cartographic platforms.

Within these environments we locate and analyse photographs, videos, audio files and testimonies to reconstruct and analyse violent events.

We also use our digital models as tools for interviewing survivors of violence, finding new ways to access and explore memories of trauma.

We present our investigations in international courtrooms, parliamentary inquiries, United Nations (UN) assemblies, as well as in citizens’ tribunals and truth commissions. We also present our work in keynote lectures, seminars, publications and exhibitions in art and cultural institutions. We use these forums to reflect on the political and cultural context of our work.  

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