Boundary Work

les complices

Les Complices* is a self organised space and production office located in Zurich. Exhibitions, projects and events initiated and hosted by Les Complices* are situated in and between the fields of contemporary arts, theatre and film, critical theory and activist practice. Beside the more longterm activities a dense program of discussions, workshops, performances, publication presentations, talks and film screenings intends to extend the space for exchange, discourse and experimentation.

As part of the ongoing activities Les Complices* produces or co-produces larger exhibition, publication or film projects, as well as performative stagings, in close collaboration with the involved artists and other self organised spaces, institutions or groups and sometimes initiates working groups.

Les Complices*s activities are rooted in an understanding of culture that critically engages in social and political issues and considers both content and aesthetics inseparable aspects of its practice.

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