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Some gathered information about sociocracy – I think the concept it is very well suitable for transdisciplinary work / teams and is strongly related to hybrid fora.

What is Sociocracy?

A social ideal that values equality and the rights of people to determine the conditions under which they live and work, and

An effective method of organizing associations, businesses, and governments, large and small.

Consent Is Required for Policy Decisions

Consent means “no objections.” Giving consent does not mean unanimity, agreement, or even endorsement. Decisions are made to guide actions. Can we move forward if we make this decision? Consent is given in the context of moving forward. Consent to a policy decision means you believe that it is “worth trying.”  Or “I can work with it.” Moving forward is important for making better decisions because it provides more information. Not moving forward until a perfect decision is found, means operating in the blind. Information will always be limited to what is already known.

Consent is required for all policy decisions for many reasons. The two most important are that it ensures (1) the decision will allow all members of the group to participate or produce without feeling oppressed, and (2) it will be supported by everyone. Everyone is expected to participate in the reasoning behind the decision. And no one can be excluded.

All members of a sociocratically governed organization are guaranteed the ability to collaboratively decide their living and working conditions — as citizens, employeee, neighbors, students.


Some introductions to the consent-procedure (of different quality):

Sociocracy, also known as dynamic governance, is a system of governance which seeks to achieve solutions that create harmonious social environments as well as productive organizations and businesses. It is distinguished by the use of consent rather than majority voting in decision-making, and decision-making after discussion by people who know each other.


A very brief introduction to sociocracy - Harri Kaloudis - Medium
Soziokratie Workshop - Moderne Unternehmenskultur

Example of a company, that works with sociocrativc and transdisciplinary principles:

Example: Climatestrike Switzerland:

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