Sourgiadaki, Eirini

Day 1. Gregory Guillames L’Exentrique

Receiving a message about a bottle is something totally different than receiving a message in a bottle. One should be extremely careful if he/she bothers to response. Messages about bottles are usually tricky since they don´t use a liquid to transport themselves, but they refer to a liquid substance, a fluid, meaning a substance that flows and deforms. Especially when that substance contains alcohol, the danger to slip between literal and metaphorical meanings grows. In short, be careful of your steps.

IMG_20151102_153348   IMG_20151102_153404IMG_20151102_153412IMG_20151102_153425IMG_20151102_153431

Day 2. Beeings and non-beeings

Reducing beeing:

Oversized bee model 4:1


scanned to 25% of original size


scanned to 25% of previous size


scanned to 25% of previous size


Reincreasing beeing:

going backwards: scans seen through Leica microscope

Leica Picture

Leica Picture

Day 3. Sea Star Wasting Syndrome: a possible treatment

Sea Star Wasting Syndrome Map: Last updated 2015-10-07


“We do not know what is causing Sea Star Wasting Syndrome, and the cause may be different in different regions. The map below includes information from our regular intertidal monitoring surveys as well as information from logs submitted by other researchers, divers, and the general public.” (Source:

“The first photograph in the below series of a sea star with wasting syndrome was taking on June 27th, 2014 on Guemes Island, Washington. The following picture was taken a day later, and the last picture, the day after that. These sequential photographs of a single individual demonstrate how quickly the disease can progress and the extent of damage that can be done in only three days.”




(Source: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Santa Cruz University of California –

Starfish with SSWS are mainly found along the coast of North Pacific Ocean, from San Diego to the Gulf of Alaska. The reasons they exhibit the syndrome may be connected to some particular substances in the seawater of the Pacific that are shown highly increasing in the measurements of the last decade. More specifically, if the starfish could be redirected approx. 2,200 miles west, they would end up in the ideal climate and water quality for their species.


Wish Lake, West Cook, MN 55604, USA

A huge research and experimental operation is taking place for the moment including the transportation of the newborns of the subspecies of Taurids inside the  Wish Lake and see how they react to the change and if SSWS appears. Starfish as any other life form defines and redefines itself according to its surroundings. A team of experts  specialized in environmental shifts and scientists trained for this particular purpose,  will guide them directly to the lakesides, a switching practice that will automatically turn every starfish into a starwish.


Star Rain September to December 2015:

Active: September 10–November 20; Maximum: October 10 (λ⊙ = 197◦); ZHR = 5; Radiant: α = 32◦, δ = +09◦; Radiant drift: see Table 6;
V∞ =27km/s;r =2.3;
TFC: Choose fields on the ecliptic and ∼ 10◦ E or W of the radiant (β > 40◦ S).


Day 4. Home breeze

Location: Wind Tunnel Toni Areal

Experiment: home simulation

Method: Bringing the inside out and vice versa

IMG_20151106_110113 IMG_20151106_110153

The open space surrounded by the Wind Tunnel simulates a home situation and the Tunnel itself becomes a balcony where the laundry is drying and the tea is served in a slight air breeze.

IMG_20151106_110228 IMG_20151106_110413

Nostalgia is an illness with no cure, a contagious one. Nostalgia for home, for the mother, the mother-land, for the mother-lover. Through the wind tunnel visitors of the “home breeze” can travel to a past that never existed, to a future that will exist only if we specify it on our way there.

IMG_20151106_110416 IMG_20151106_110424 IMG_20151106_110922 IMG_20151106_111333 IMG_20151106_111412

3D Scanning | How to make sure that reading is impossible


Chapter 1: a printed book

Chapter 2: a picture series of the printed book.jpg

Chapter 3: a scan of the picture series of the printed book.3dp

Chapter 4: a model of the scan of the picture series of the printed book.stl

Chapter 5: a printable format of the model of the scan of the picture series of the printed book.gcode

Chapter 6: a printed book


scan1 scan2 scan3 scan4 scan5 scan6 scan7

[Infrastructure] Identical travel: 

Special offers from and to Athens, London, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, St. Petersburg: Book now












Welcome to Athens / City Guide: 

You are here: Athens Texas

athens texas

Transportation: Metro map, Athens GR


Sailing forecast: Athens GR


Weather forecast: Athens Georgia


Bars: Athens NY


Restaurants: Athens Ohio


Airports: Athens Michigan


Monuments:  Athens, Tennessee


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Rivers: Athens, Pennsylvania


Forest: Athens, Wisconsin


Brain waves interfe(a)rence

be_26112015_165842_0_3_besuch_1_seV42 be_26112015_1643550_1_1_surveyV42_000 be_26112015_1643550_1_1_surveyV42_001 be_26112015_1643550_1_1_surveyV42_002 be_26112015_1643550_1_1_surveyV42_003 be_26112015_1643550_1_1_surveyV42_004 be_26112015_1645180_2_1_t1w_3d_tfesenseV42

Mission impossible: teleportation through the Wind Tunnel

Dasha wants to go to Uetliberg, but also to her childhood


Haseeb wants to go to Egypt


Jozo wants to be by the sea; the last time he was there was when he was ten


Kathrin wants to fly through the clouds like a bird or like a plane


Hannah wants to go to Iran since her conventional trip there has been cancelled


Travel agency of the impossible

“I feel no need to move. All the intensities that I have are immobile intensities. Intensities distribute themselves in space or in other systems that aren’t necessarily in exterior spaces. I can assure you that when I read a book that I admire, that I find beautiful, or when I hear music that I consider beautiful, I really get the feeling of passing into such states… Never could traveling inspire such emotions. So, why would I go seek emotions that don’t suit me very well, since I have more beautiful ones for myself in immobile systems, like music,
like philosophy? There is a geo-music, a geo- philosophy, I mean, they are profound countries, and these are more my countries, yes?
Parnet: Your foreign lands.
Deleuze: My very own foreign lands that I don’t find by traveling.”

G.Deleuze – Abécédaire – TV interviews, 1988-89

What we do:

we create possibilities out of the impossible

we help you travel without moving

we recall your lost or hidden memories of events that never happened, things you never experienced, times you never lived in, places you have never been, and offer them to you

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IMG_20151214_120238 IMG_20151214_134618 IMG_20151214_134611 IMG_20151214_134250 IMG_20151214_134148 IMG_20151214_124655 IMG_20151214_124649 IMG_20151214_124623 IMG_20151214_124617


IMG_20151214_152417 IMG_20151214_152158 IMG_20151214_152035 IMG_20151214_152033



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