Remote Sensing

Project seminar 6, Master Transdisziplinarity and Research Focus Transdisciplinarity
Haseeb Ahmed, Florian Dombois, Patrick Müller

Goals / competences
Project work, independently or in cooperation with the students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT; readings; discussions

This course focuses on the topic of Remote Sensing. Remote Sensing extends the body of senses across vast geographic and temporal spaces in the attempt to «be in two places at once». It is an umbrella term that draws together many scientific disciplines but has little precedence in the arts.
Base of the course are two similar spaces, one in Zürich, one at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT in Cambridge. These spaces serve as a laboratory for research and action.
Through the duration of the course students will go through exercises and strategies that create meaningful remote experiences and produce a final project. Examples include live-writing, concurrent actions, and mail chess. We will also address practical issues related to showing work in spaces where you, as an artist, are not present. The course?s conceptual framework is open to a variety of forms of art including performative, architectural, musical, sculptural, drawing, writing, and web-based realizations.
This course corresponds with one being taught by Prof. Gediminas Urbonas at the Program in Art, Culture, and Technology (ACT) at the Massachusetts Institute for Technology MIT, Cambridge. Students will be able to work with their peers 6014 km away. The MIT ACT underwent a move to a similar building as the Toni-Areal, this will be an architectural subtext to the course and possible collaborations.

Thursday afternoon, 12. / 19. / 26. November, 3. / 10. / 17. Dezember, 1.30 to 4.45 pm