No/mad Royalties

No/mad Royalties is an almost-static installation that dreams of being a travel in, on, and through non-places,  places of transition, borderlines, lines that connect, and the lines that divide. A visualization of the awkwardness of being present now-here/no-where. Who owns these spaces and why do people tend to feel more comfortable while in transit (Marc Augé, 1992)? Where is our area of discomfort if not in this nowhere-like space? In waiting, in entrapment, in front of emergency exits.

Are we immigrants, tourists, travelers, residents, flâneurs, or nomads? What brings us together and what keeps us apart? Will a journey to the Röschtigraben, or other invisible and/or visible borderlines give us an answer?
We manifest our rights on pieces of land which are not our property. We declare these small spaces ours for the short time of 60 seconds, we are royalties for a minute, we rule, we make our law (nomos), we are nomads, we cultivate these unkown fields – productive or not. We are not ashamed to share our discomfort while standing in-between. Who wants to join our kingdom?

A trip from artistic practice through philosophy and back, an idea of an installation realized as a semester project for the “remote_spacin” Seminar in MA Transdisciplinarität, ZHdK, and whose potentials we are now investigating.

Brandon Farnsworth & Eirini Sourgiadaki, No/mad King & Queen