Reading Obeid

Mahmoodreza Nour Bakhsh is freelance photographer who lives in Tehran .(Iran)

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Nowadays, each of the communication and media tools (Cellphones, tablets…(, apart from the various functions that they are intended for, Can be considered as part of our stealthy . Those stealthy that determine our privacy. Those hearing and saying that are denied in the society, are always acceptable and maybe desirable in our stealthy. However, something like vulgar humor, indecent pictures and many more stealthy things which are denied by society but can be accessible in cellphones or other communication tools are totally allowed in our privacy.

These anecdote can be considered as examples of any stealthy thing that we have never confess their allure , like those pictures that should not be seen . In fact , we just desire to see or read these things by our personal communicational tools .

Obaid’s satire  , literate and poet of the 8th century, remains constant in our culture , uncommon books or in our verbal memories for centuries because of its cheeky parody .

These stories have been coded by (QR code) On this basis , and allow us to see abstract objects through our personal communicational tools without allowing anyone know what we read or what we see .