The Replicator 3-7.4 & 27-28.5

Replication is the basic motor of biological and social life. The Latin root of Replication is Plico, meaning to fold up or double up. Like folding a piece of paper on itself, a multiplicity is created from a whole and like the folded paper; opposites meet and literally confront one another. In what ways can a historical replica confront and question the present for the future? Can a replica allow us to experience something remote in geographic space? Moreover what constitutes a replica in terms of material, scale, and visual similarity?

Writing is an important part of this course. “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life.” This sentence in Oscar Wilde’s essay The Decay of Lying (1889) is license for literature to shape reality. We will explore how writing can be used to turn something into its own representation and how this representation can take primacy over the original.

Students are also introduced to material techniques as well such of mold making and casting, 3D scanning and printing through experiments. Each day will consist of readings, lectures, and discussions that question the conventions of linear history, authorship, originality, and mechanical reproduction.

Highlights of the week 3-7.4 


27&28.5 The Replicator Exhibition at the Nordflügel of the Gessnerallee



 No love needed

Melinda Bieri

performative installation

Asexual reproduction – all we need

to grow is sweetness.

Baby mushrooms given for adoption


X Stück Mensch

Dorothea Mildenberger

a.k.a. mc-swaghetti 

video installation

A piece of a human.

or two humans.

or is it many pieces of one human?

in any case: they meet.

ein stück Mensch.

oder zwei Menschen.

oder sind es viele stücke

eines Menschen?

jedenfalls: sie treffen sich.


fuga económica

Simone Mutti


Fugue [fyg] nom féminin

(latin fuga « fuite », de fugere → fuir)

  1. Action, fait de s’enfuir momentanément

du lieu où l’on vit habituellement.

➙ escapade, fuite. Faire une fugue.

  1. Composition musicale écrite

dans le style du contrepoint

et dans laquelle un thème et

ses imitations successives forment

plusieurs parties. Fugue à deux, trois voix.


Dancing With Myself

Simone Mutti


Come and have a dance with yourself.

Two persons needed.



Kathrin Doppler

Auszüge aus live Experimenten

Performance: Rosie Terry Toogood

Subjekt und Objekt treten

gemeinsam auf: Der menschliche

Körper als Material und das

Objekt als

lebendiger Akteur.

Wer versteht die Welt noch?



Kathrin Doppler

Video, Schokolade

Performance: Rosie Terry Toogood

Wir verschmelzen,

gehen ineinander auf,

werden eins.




The Original

Melinda Bieri

print-on-demand installation

Live signed prints.

„I am the original“,

says the first born.

„I am the original“

answers the second born.

So do the following ones.

Is time the indicator for originality?


Danger-new collectors!

Diana Lira

auction / performance

An one-work exhibition

about the art market report of 2016.

Participate and get your own Warhol.



    u             a

Peter Tränkle

 Live-production and sale

of post-soviet-train-coaches

out of chocolate from

Switzerland and Kazakhstan.

Buy it! Eat it! Be it!


in progress

Simone Mutti

Live bar-intervention