Liquid Borders

Hong Kong and Mainland China are physically separated by the Shenzhen River and a great wall of wired fencing. South to the border are restricted zones known as the Frontier Closed Area. Entry into the Frontier Closed Area without an official permit is strictly forbidden. In October 2005, the then chief executive Donald Tsang announced a proposal to drastically reduce the Frontier Closed Area. In February 2012, 740 hectares of land were initially opened up for public access. The proposal will be implemented in phases, and other areas will soon follow suit. Liquid Borders is a sound project that seeks to sonically archive the Hong Kong-China border. Since July 2012, I had been systemically collecting the sound of places and/or objects that separate the two regions. I recorded the vibration of the wired fencing with contact microphones, and the water sounds of the Shenzhen River with hydrophones. I rearranged these recordings into sound compositions. I then re-transcribed these sound collages into graphical notations. I started with the newly opened up Tsim Bei Tsui and Sha Tau Kok, what you see / hear on this page are the results of the field works done in these areas.

Better sound quality: listen here (scroll down to mp3-file).

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